Oilfield Service Companies: What Do They Do?

Oilfield Service Companies are the organizations that operate within the oilfield equipment and services (or OFS) industry. These companies provide services, products, and equipment related to the oil exploration and production process and deal with multiple companies at the same time. Some of the companies which have established themselves and are known to provide excellent services include the 40-year-old company Greber Construction. When it comes to requirements pertaining to the oilfield in Grande Prairie, Greber Construction holds a special place in the heart of its residents.

Most of these companies, which are a part of the OFS industry, are involved in manufacturing, fixing, and maintaining all the equipment that plays an important role in extracting and transporting oil. These companies are also responsible for providing products necessary for the purpose of seismic testing, directional services, and transport services.

The variety of services and products that could be provided under the oilfield equipment and services industry is huge. It comprises many technology-based services, which are extremely important for carrying out field operations. Some of these essential services include energy data management, geological sciences, tracing energy sources, and drilling evaluation.

Companies specializing in oilfield services came into being in the late ‘90s when many organizations felt the need to outsource services, products, and equipment related to the OFS industry. Getting associated with oilfield service companies helped them scale down their expenses and made their work far more efficient. The involvement of a third party also led to better accountability.

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